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We recommend eating a vegan diet.

A vegan diet is one which is free from animal components.  So no meat nor fish and also no milk, butter, cheese, etc..

There's no nutritional requirement to kill.  All your protein requirements can be gotten from beans and your iron intake from vegetables.

A vegan diet frees one from reliance on animals (increasing internalization, a tenet).  So no animal farming is necessary to fulfill one's diet.

We don't eat honey.  Honey is a product of bees.  Society steals honey from them.  'What are they gonna do about it?' they think.  That's not the point.  Theft is wrong.  Plus it's produced by animals and we instead chose independence.  Instead we eat agave cactus and maple tree syrups, occasionally and in small amounts.

We don't use silk as it's an animal product.

Obviously fur clothing is an abomination.

We use some cattle leather.  The cattle are killed for Society's food so there's plenty of leather available without further loss of life.  We use a little for shoes and belts mainly.  It's far easier avoidable for other clothing and furniture.

We don't use feathers because they're from murdered ducks.  No wool because it's stolen from sheep at their detriment, if they were happy to be cold they wouldn't have grown wool.

There are so many people who'd rather kill animals than grow crops because it's far, far quicker.

Be respectful of all life even brainless; plants.  We don't use cut flowers.  Instead opting for living flowers in pots.  Get a live xmas tree.  Keep it during the year and save money next xmas.  Rather than killing a tree for two weeks decoration.  Plus it'll be softer and there'll be no needles to clean up.

Dance music maker Moby (Ext) is a vegan and there are plenty of famous vegetarians like actresses Alicia Silverstone (Ext) and Pamela Anderson (Ext).  Scriptwriter and director James Cameron (Ext) and actor, former Mr. Olympia and politician Arnie Schwarzenegger (Ext) both recommend cutting down on your meat intake to help fight climate change.  Over half of global greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture.