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"Hell is other people."  French existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre couldn't have been more right.  Even if he's been taken out of context.  There is no other 'Hell' than Society.  Everything else is natural.  Nature is deadly harsh but it's never cruel.  It never tortures.  The worst possible situation is deep within Society, never able to escape to your own privacy.  Like dormitories and Societal noise; nothing hurts more, mobile prison cells barely bigger than coffins, slavery and their chains of bondage.

You could let external (Society) control you because it wants to or you can deny it that right.  You have the legal ability to change your local Society.  You can move to another country.  You can change your nationality.  Be governed by new laws, new Social morality.  You have another choice.  Which is to separate yourselves from mainstream Society.  Rebel; drop out.  Leave them to their thing and be separate.  How are you going to be able to afford it?  See the Circle Game chapter.  Affording things is relative.  Yet some income helps immeasurably.  You'll need to play, at least sometimes, the entrepreneur.  You could sell some of your homegrown harvest.  You could self-publish a book about something you know about or something you can dream about.  It's important, think about it for a while then for a while more then more later.  After all that you'll still need to actually do it.  But it all beats being Society's slave.  Five day a week, every week, every month, every year, every decade for all of your prime of life.  It beats subjugating yourselves to their System, to a boss with a boss with a boss.  Doing what you're told.  At best being your own boss supporting a corrupt and corrupting, immoral, collapsing Society.  Do you agree with all their laws?  Do you feel empowered to change any you disagree with?  Ever broken any, ever?  Do you feel you should be punished?  Would that help you?  Would that help them?  Maybe you were caught and punished.  Maybe this helped them subjugate you further.  Brainwashing is far more effective with force and violence used to reinforce it.

Helping others is worthwhile and honorable, of course, but is it the most you can do?  Why just help when you can teach others to help?  Or teach others to teach others to help?

Changing the world for the better is a righteous task.  It can take half a lifetime to even work out how to start going about it.  Changing the world starts by changing yourselves.  To do that you need to separate from Society to find yourselves, to see Society from without so as not to be blinded by their Emporer’s New Clothes self-delusions.

Don't subjugate yourselves to a loveless marriage / serial-monogamous string of marriages just to acquire shelter and security.  Don't confuse willed love with current attachment.

Start your own society.  We say that you have the right to create your own free state, make your own laws, on your own land and import your own citizenry.  However it's almost definitely best if your laws don't contravene the laws of the surrounding state.

It's your right to choose your society.  To mix with those you choose to and not others.  This isn't easy at school especially public school nor at most jobs but it is possible.  We abhor xenophobia and support legal migration.  Megopoli are home to all races, all cultures, all creeds, all religions.  If another culture is respected by Society then that's still irrelevant to you.  If it isn't your culture then you don't need to pretend that it is just because you're forced to be close to it.  You don't even need to respect it, although it's almost definitely best not to share your negative opinions with their subject.  For instance the reason N-Word culture has been accepted into Caucasian suburbia is fear.  'Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer' can be taken too far as can 'know your enemy'.  There are better methods of self-defense.  Self-segregation is by far the best.  Afro-Americans have found ways to be more acceptable to the Caucasian culture in power in America.  Namely by accepting roles in the minstrel and sportspeople castes.  This doesn't mean that you have to accept them in these roles in your life.  How much hip-hop refuses to use the N-Word and the B-Word?  A few percent maybe.  How much of contemporary Afro-American music is anything other than hip-hop?  Not much.  Dissociate yourselves with this insidious, violent self-loathing.  It isn't jazz and it isn't funk.  Afro-Americans calling Caucasians Crackers is untrue, unjust and trying to claim an undue advantage.  Today America has a population of 300 million Caucasians.  In the 1860s only 5 million had the chance of being slave owners, even if all of them were then that's still less than a quarter of the total Caucasian American population at that time.  When the Emancipation Proclamation was issued there was only a 1-in-4 chance of describing a random Caucasian as a (whip) Cracker accurately.  The three quarters faught and won a civil war against the one quarter 'Crackers' and decidedly stopped slavery a century and a half ago.  All slave owners were dead a hundred years ago.  Get real.  Get over it.  Get on with your life.  Stop trying to live in the past as an escape for the present you're not making for yourselves now.  Bad workmen blame their tools.  If you admit to needing Affirmative Action then you're admitting you're not up to the job.  No other country has it.

In 2016 society trod deeper into the abyss.  The USA had survived eight years of a minority, Afro-American and Muslim, in charge of a majority, Caucasian-American Christians, who perjured himself, by denying his previous name of Barry, and is likely an identity theif ineligble to hold the office.  Then it faced another four dark years after choosing between a dangerous, fascist, demagogue, wannabe dictator and the likely winner, another minority in charge, a woman, where the most a government generally asks is in taxes and where the majority comes from men, who is being investigated by the FBI, definitely breached security protocols and is married to a historic president who scraped into office with the lowest votes in ages before being impeached for a sex scandal and who has admitted to breaking the law, by smoking cannabis.

US pride & 'white' pride culture is often in a very confused state.  You can have pride in your identity as a Caucasian American without needing to identify with Deutsch (German) mass murderers.  To rather drive an American Cadillac than a Deutsch Mercedes.  To rather speak English than Deutsch.  To have pride in one's own culture without wanting to integrate is not xenophobic and hateful.  It's simply asserting one's right to choose one's micro-society.  Caucasian American culture is very put upon.

There's a very insidious, despicable vibe that pushes city folk to accept all that a city accepts, which is seen as the status quo.  Aspects like profanity, homosexuality, casual sex, abortion, recreational drug use, alcohol use at least bordering on abuse, and violence.

"People are strange, when you're a stranger."
The Doors

Society has always had it's outsiders.  It's always feared them.  For the easiest to fear is the unknown and the further estranged then the more unknown.

The mythological nosferatu or vampire and it's global relatives is the quintessential Societal outsider fear figure.  It's a complex conglomeration of outsider traits such as:
•) Fear of the light which can be seen as fear of being outside during the day interacting with Society,
•) Fear of the crucifix and holy water, or a separatism to the main Western Societal religion & spiritual beliefs and morals of Christianity,
•) Casting no reflection or a dislike to the Attacked objects of Society like Attacked mirrors; such as old ones or other people's which obviously cast Attacked reflections,
•) A penchant for sleeping in their own coffin or bed or a dislike to sleeping in the ultra Attacked beds of others,
•) Frighteningly killing people without weapons by a classic vulnerability of animals, biting the jugular vein in one's neck,
•) Invulnerability or the scientific fact that Societally common infectious dis-eases cannot be nearly as easily caught by people who separate themselves from Society's masses, plus being away from the violent crime of Society that can shorten one's lifespan,
•) Enchantingly charming or in other words wealthy, evoking an envy & wrath reaction from the lower classes.
According to the myth they can be killed, as anyone even in ancient times, by a wooden stake through the heart, being set alight or beheaded.  It's also said that they can turn into other classic figures of fear, the common and dangerous Western wild animals of the wolf, a killer wild dog, and bat (also carrying the fatal rabies disease).  There are legends to support the mythology such as the Transylvanian (near Bulgaria) wealthy land owner Vlad the Drac who was said to have bathed in the blood of local virgins, and scientific facts such as the profuria disease.

Society provides excellent examples of what is possible for yourselves.  What is possible to be, to have, to do.  What to strive to achieve and what to avoid.  Whether this example be taken from body builders, billionaires, brainiacs, happy families, the homeless, drug addicts, single mothers, prisoners, monks and nuns, supreme court justices or any others of the billions available.

Society has a parable called The Emporer's New Clothes.  This tells the tale of an emporer who meets a sly tailor.  He convinces the emporer that he can provide the very latest fabric to him.  He shows this imaginary fabric to the emporer.  The emporer although obviously not seeing that which doesn't exist doesn't want to appear stupid or challenging so he goes along with the tailor and pays for an imaginary suit to be made from this imaginary, excellent fabric.  He wears his new clothes out on parade.  Everyone not wanting to upset the status quo nor the emporer plays along and applauds the emporer on parade.  Everyone that is apart from a young boy.  He sees straight through the delusion and shouts out that the emporer isn't wearing any clothes.  The bubble is burst.  The moral of this parable is that Society and it's members will play along with the status quo often even in ridiculous situations just to play along and not rock the boat.  These days we see this everywhere from the criminalization of cannabis to legalized abortions to high heels, neckties and beyond...

Wake up!  Use every available, figurative pin to burst Society's delusional bubbles.  You may even consider it your duty, or at least fun, to try bursting the bubbles of others but beware that this is communication, therefore best avoided, and likely to be met with extreme resistance and disdain.  Society is very resistant to change and generally doesn't like it.

This is a slave planet.  The ruling elite like it.  They enjoy their easy lives.  Wealth living; having enough money that they never need work a day in their lives again.  The American Dream.

Reject their premise.  The issue isn't having money.  It's about realizing that you don't need it.  Nowhere near as much as they say you do.  A few thousand dollars per person per year to top up the food you grow and keep you in enough hitech gear.  You've no need to travel so you don't need a car.  All your family lives at home with you.  You educate at home, eat at home, r'n'r at home.  Walk in your gardens, dance to your own music in your own dancehall, entertain your group with your own stories.  Wash in water from your part of the stream, eat your homegrown food.  It's paradise on Earth, Gaia.  Life as it was always meant to be.  Your C21 knowledge can make this a reality.