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Sleeping is a deep meditation.

All 'dreams' are in-fact nightmares.  They are a one way (simplex) communication.  Unsolicited, unwanted, invasive delusions.  They move their false image of yourselves outside of your control.  If you were in control you wouldn't be in the shown 'dream' situation as almost every situation one finds oneselves in in reality is directly due to oneselves.  For example we find ourselves at the train station solely because we've consciously decided to go to the train station for all our reasons.  They bombard you with communication whilst you are trying your hardest to get a small bit of distance, of peace.  They come from energy in close proximity to yourselves this indicates a lack of goodness concernedly close.  It's achievable with a peaceful environment and deep meditation that this Attack can be avoided.

Push your limits.  Learn from your own experience not what Society has tried to teach you.  Try staying awake for over one day, all night.  Try resting in bed all day.  Learn your own limits.

When resting gradually, in steps, turn your body clockwise (generally) around your central vertical axis.  Feel your physical boundary against your bed.  Let it gradually surround you as you turn.

Whilst sleeping you're at your most vulnerable.  The more security you can put in place the sounder you'll be able to sleep.