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NB  This chapter contains our viewpoints and we recognize that for whatever reasons they may seem controversial to some.  In megopoli it's the status quo to use The Pill and engage in casual sex, perhaps prior to having an abortion.  Think for yourselves.  Don't let any objections you may have stop you from gaining by reading the rest of this book.

Tantric sexual practice is when orgasm is not seen as the goal.  Instead focus is on keeping sexual energy bubbling below the orgasm level.  Becoming more aware of the immense pleasure energy within yourselves.  This creates an immense sexual pleasure that can last for hours.

You know you're beautiful.  You don't have to conform to an external image of beauty.  Most people are attracted to people with similar attributes; black hair to black hair, blue eyes to blue eyes.  Seeing someone in external who looks like you helps remove barriers to intimacy.  You can see more of yourselves in them and so relate to them better.

Sex is an extremely intimate act.  It is wrong to let lust for the hedonistic pleasure mask your awareness of this.  You should only have sex with someone who you are in love with, with whom you want to spend your future (this is what love means) and raise a family.  That's what it's for.

Don't have vaginal sex if you're not ready to make a baby.

Sex outside of love isn't a way to get high and it isn't a way to get liked.  It loses you respect and that weakens your desirability to be loved.

We disagree with abortion for non-medical reasons.  This is because we value the rights of the young lifeform, the unborn baby.  After giving birth the mother has the adoption option.  It requires only a very basic biology education to know that all animal life starts at conception not at birth.  A started human life has a soul and a newly growing body.  A responsibility exists to that tiny person.  This person has the right not to be killed.

"Every human embryologist in the world knows that the life of a new individual human being begins at fertilization.  It is not belief.  It is scientific fact."
Dr. C. Ward Kischer,
Human Embryologist,
University of Arizona

If you can see this point of view, that an unborn child has the right to life, then look around into Society and see how it violates this fundamental right.  Taking the immense scale of the problem globally then you can see how much Society deludes itself into accepting it's own faults however grossly unjust they may be.

We're against the use of contraceptive pills as they severely alter body chemistry.

We recommend the barrier method of contraception; condoms & spermicide or cervical cap & spermicide although we do note that the most common spermicide, nonoxynol-9, is reputedly carcinogenic.  The Rhythm Method when used responsibly with an in-ear, accurate thermometer and logged vigilantly is a very effective method of contraception, especially when used with a cap.

We're against anal sex as it's not where it's supposed to go.  The penis goes into the vagina.  It's nice and clean in there.  The act is full of love and care.  Anal sex is basically shitting on genitalia, which is no good energetically for either party.

Deviating from nature homosexuals are implicitly suicidal in that they chose not to reproduce (generally).  People this attacked are obviously to be avoided as much as possible.

During pregnancy we see an intake of drugs as child abuse.

Age of consent laws should be far more in line with nature than limiting sexual contact to 18+ year olds.  In Europa (Ext) (Europe) some states permit sexual contact of post-pubescent teens.  Criminalizing the youth for doing a natural, if ill-advised, activity at a natural age (with similarly aged peers) is a very bad practice which instills disdain for the law.  It makes sense to wait for a longer term, loving relationship yet being forbidding devalues the individual and their maturity to form such relationships at a pre-adult age.  For a large amount of people it's the cultural norm to get married at puberty.  This happens mainly outside of the 1st World however it's legally available in the USA in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Texas.

We don't believe in adhering to a one-to-one relationship.  Western Society acts poor therefore they're figuratively communist, they feel everyone must be equal, have an equal slice of the pie.  We see that one person could have multiple (heterosexual) partners at the same time all under one roof.  If they, as consenting adults, can get this to work for them then Society has no grounds for complaint.  They'd have to stay unmarried though or risk charges of adultery.

We support heterosexual softcore pornography like Playboy as it promotes natural heterosexuality and stimulates a healthy sexual interest.

We disapprove of prostitution as it belittles the base intimate experience to quick hedonistic commerce.  Although we think it should be legal in a progressive society.

Reproduce.  From two people making only one is depletion of the population.  Making two children is only trying to break even.  Having three or more kids is necessary to grow a population.  The future is ours for the making.

Being sexual is about a relationship.  Pornography is extremely impersonal however attractive.  Dating is about quality not quantity.  Getting a date with a loose person means nothing.  Whereas a date with a more reserved person means a lot, it's an achievement to be proud of.