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This is an extremely important concept and practice.

Don't necessarily accept the setting others permit for you.  Reject the premise.

For example:
• You've seen The Matrix movie (Ext), which pill should you take the red pill or the blue pill?  Reject the premise of the question.  It's best not to take any pills.  How about a nice cup of hot chocolate instead?
• An example from law enforcement, "tell me that my brother is gonna make it," the response being, "drop the gun.  Do it now."
• A political example could be, "tell us why you disagree with Senator Doe."  "Jenny, I'm here to talk about my tax plan."  Another might be, "are you having an affair with your assistant?"  "Get out of my way."
• An educational example might be, "I left my phone in the locker room.  Can I go get it?"  "David, open your textbook to chapter eight."