Book CoverEnlighten Your Life
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Reevaluate your world.  Reevaluate every little thing in it.  Challenge everything.  Everything that you've been taught, everything that you're being taught, everything that you used to do prior to this moment right now in your life.  Consider every word you use, every tool you use, every item of clothing you wear, everything you eat and every habitual action that you do.  Rebirth yourselves!

Of course this takes time!  But it makes you sure of yourselves, of your world, your life.  It let's you make sense of, understand, your world and this understanding is invaluable.  It puts your life gradually back under your control.  You reasses yourselves, reauthorize your life.

To reconstruct your life the way you want it to be.  You have to knock down some walls.  You need to stop before you can restart.  Stopping gives you some distance and the peace to find your footing on your new path.