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Reality is communication with a concept.  With your own concept of external.  Your reality multiverse is large and complex.

Communication is energy transceived through filters.  The prime filter is your belief system.  Therefore it is of prime importance in all experience (of reality).  Group membership is also an extremely important filter.

Reality, external, is your creation.  Energy from your top-of-head chakra creates your reality.  Plus your group energy going from your belly all around you makes it really yours rather than an abstract show.

Your group energy protects you but too much focus on this sometimes is negative as group energy can get dirty out & about in the world.

Reality is your problem brainchild if you will.  It's built or changed extremely gradually and like a supertanker patience and forethought must be used when at the controls.

Reality is malleable.  Everything can change; the past, the present, the future.

Taking responsibility for creating the instrument of your own torture is difficult.

The reality multiverse of external is infinite.

Celestial bodies move quicker the further they are away from Earth.  We can see ones far away which are moving at almost the speed of light.  Ones further away than that are, relatively, moving faster than light.  So we'll never see them.