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Psychedelic plants (Ext); mushrooms, truffles, cacti and more can provide warm experiences for a few hours at a time that shine with enlightened truths.  It is very much a premature glimpse of enlightenment and not the true gradual enlightenment which is what you can achieve over time with our help here.  Nevertheless these occasional glimpses can help encourage one on their path.

Sometimes too much awareness of synchronicity or sudden premature enlightenment, can induce people to 'freak out'.  This is why the path to enlightenment is gradual.  So as for us to naturally accept the change one bit at a time.

Too much premature enlightenment can shock one with a blasting view of the shadowy aspects of life, appearing to engulf one whole then starting to chew…

Too much immersion with psychedelics and the inane mundanity of everyday, far less enlightened life can torture one.  It's like being given an infinite credit card then it gets taken away the next day, just as you were getting used to using it.

Acid, LSD-25, blotters are available for low cost worldwide.  These contain minute catalytic doses of around 100µg, 1/10,000g, of active chemical.  Acid was discovered by Dr. Albert Hofmann in 1943 whilst working for Sandoz pharmaceuticals in Basel, Schweiz (Switzerland).  He unwittingly inhaled an active dose then fell off his bike cycling home to get some rest.  Acid trips of course provide a psychedelic experience but they do so without the warmth of plant psychedelics and they lock the user in the psychedelic state for three times as long, half a day, 12-hours.  It can end up being a marathon that overtaxes or overexposes one unnecessarily.  Plus being laboratory not plant made it's unnatural.

Earth's (Ext) psychedelic plants can be quite easy to grow at home.  Beware of legal prohibitions in this regard.

Psychedelic mushrooms like P. cubensis B+ can be grown in a box from spores in just a few weeks.  They last for years when dried and can be infused into syrups, turning them blue, for easy storage and use.

If you had the (legal) opportunity do try reading this book whilst in a psychedelic mindset to see if it helped you see clearer some of the truths contained within these pages.