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Imagine if you could get your energies so finely balanced that the country an item of yours was made in matters to you.  If the workers worked in a sweatshop, were subjects in a monarchy or dictatorship or were children.

Distance Yourselves
1) Identify all your possessions, (this is also an awareness exercise)
2) Identify the source of each item,
3) Cut your links to Society by destroying all items that were gifted to you,
4) List the negative vibes associated with each item.  For example this notebook reminds me of a failed exam,
5) Free yourselves from your past negative experiences by destroying all items that haunt you too much.  Put anything you decide on in a cache space, give it a day or so, then make a final decision and it's better to err on the side of caution as you can always destroy later yet you can't undestroy.
NB) Mementos, being lightly enchanted (though probably without the chanting) objects, are generally a bad thing.