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Traveling out and about, within Society, away from home is a time of high stress.  During this activity it's advisable to keep one's focus on oneselves.  Don't let your attention stray, when walking down a street for instance.  Keep focused on energetic issues.  Like keeping aware of one's place on their timeline, personal energetic cleanliness and territory.  Simultaneously keeping focus on physical issues like the location of your wallet or purse.  Also keep in mind the location of your weapon.

It's all an energetic, synchronistic dance.

Be aware of your orientation; which direction north is in.  Know that Earth revolves on it's axis daily.  It's constantly rotating towards the east.  Hence we see our sun, Sol, first at sunrise in the east and last at sunset in the west.  Our shared planet Earth is a sphere.  So below you is not just the ground but beyond that the burning heart of our planet and further on down to the opposite surface is another country or ocean.  Be aware of where the other continents and countries are relative to where yourselves are.  Maybe it's that Africa is a straight line from your current view through the roots of the tree in front of you and keep going.

Keep your energies focused on your group by doing a little of your standard work like writing, e.g. a travelogue, or drawing from your imagination or memory to keep your eyes from wandering and your pack tight.

A little eating and drinking during this activity can be comforting and a good idea.

Preparation, preparation, preparation.  Going on a long journey?  Bring food, music, a movie to watch, etc..  If staying overnight in a hotel consider bringing a sleeping bag.  Your own bedding smells of you not the thousand other patrons before you.  It's yours to do with as you please.  Therefore far more comfy and homely.