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The invention of the printing press brought the start of a new religion.  The religion of modern Society communicated via mass media and these days multimedia.

TV, movies, music, radio, books, newspapers, magazines and computer & video games.

Socialization programing is via Multimedia Religion and should be gradually reduced to a stop.  Be your own programer more easily by removing external programing influences.

Decrease the amount of Multimedia Religion that you expose yourselves to.  Most socialization programing that we receive is voluntary.  Watch less TV, go to the cinema less, listen less to the radio and to their ever-so-attractive music.  Read less fiction and magazines and play less computer / video games.  Keep learning from textbooks.  Keep abreast of the news headlines whilst avoiding opinion articles.

There are some great teachings contained within the art of the movies.  You might gain from viewing Planet of the Apes (Ext), Easy Rider (Ext), Silent Running (Ext), Hate (La Haine) (Ext), Waking Life (Ext), E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Ext) from a chiral planet and plenty more.

If you rip your CDs into digital files try to find the space to use a lossless codec like Microsoft WMA Lossless (or Sony PCA or WAV).  This keeps your music at CD quality rather than the far poorer quality yet smaller file size MP3s.

It's a weird status quo that makes energy think that we can't entertain ourselves.  We make the music that makes our mantras (repeated self-programing phrase or song).  We want our own songs about our own life not someone else's.  So who better to write them than us.