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Your life's focus should be meditation.  Your main focus of every day.  Your main focus of every action.  This will move you along your path of enlightenment.

There are so many different approaches to meditation.  The ultimate aim is to bring your focus to yourselves then more internal than those personality traits to your body and to rawer reality.  To leave common reality with bodily stresses far behind and be at one with your experience, at peace.

Common meditation practices are to focus on one's breathing letting one's mind stop it's internal chatter.  To focus on one's body through visualization and cleansing and relaxing each area from head to foot.  To focus on tensing and relaxing each muscle in succession from head to foot to give focus to your relaxation.

A favorite meditation of ours if to hum and let your hum resonate through your body.  Then as you settle into this, lower the pitch of your hum.  This can be a deep reaching meditation.  The theme tune for your life should be a deep hum.  With your own songs an inspiring change.

A standard being in your exercised body and simply lying down relaxing and resting, calming the mind, can bring on a deeply relaxing sleep meditation.

At most times keep your mind focused in the moment, the now.  This allows focus on your awareness of the now.  The Yi Jing talks of times when not to let your thoughts stray beyond your current situation.  However also the mind likes to make sense of what it experiences.  It's useful at times to let your mind wander somewhat and deal with those nagging and hanging around thoughts.  Allow yourselves to consider recent events.  What others said and did with you and how you interacted or at least how Attack showed you interacting.  Give yourselves time to plan your life and to prepare both mentally and physically for your planned events.