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Aleister Crowley (Ext) wrote, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Law and it's enforcement exists to protect us from Society.  They know how to control themselves en masse.  A Society in anarchy would be terrible for one's security.

It is said that rules are meant to be broken.  There's also the less renowned rules are meant to be followed.  Especially if they're your own rules.  Yet don't be too strict.  When stressed that which doesn't bend may break.

You are self-controlled you don't need anyone to control you.  (Though not everyone's this enlightened and controlled!)

Know the law.  Know the precise risk you're taking should you ever chose to break the law.  A $50 fine is lot less inhibitive than 3-5 years hard labor in prison or a death sentence.

Do not get on the 'wrong side' of a law enforcement officer.  If they want to hit you with the law they'll find a way.

Rather than disengagement which can seem more hostile.  A subtle Charm and Disarm approach is preferable.

As ever half truths sound better than outright lies.

Cops carry guns to protect lives.  Not to kill foolish addicts running away from a bust, etc..  They're armed with Less-Than-Lethal sprays, air tasers and nightsticks to tackle violence and resistance.

People can be forgiven for their honest mistakes.  Never forget that they made them.  Misdeeds, intentional transgressions, are far less sensible to forgive.
If you ever find yourselves imprisoned know that you'll survive.  You'll live a long, happy life away from your incarceration.  You'll have memories to tie you to your history.  To escape this flashback torture reduce your memories by reducing your experience within your prison.  Meditate your way through it.  Doing less time may seem to pass slower yet you'll secure a brighter future.

If you find yourselves imprisoned on mental health grounds they'll want to medicate you.  Be your own doctor.  If you don't want your prescribed meds then tongue them; hide them in your mouth and don't talk much at all until you can spit them down a sink or toilet.  Be aware that if caught you can swallow them although this might not satisfy the staff who may chose to physically restrain you whilst injecting your meds as a large, slow-release dose intramuscularly.  Certainly don't tell a soul if you chose not to adhere to their prescription.  Remember to act medicated.

Fines as a tax on next weekly or monthly income would be just.  Else it hugely disproportionately favors and therefore fails to dissuade the wealthy.

Sometimes the smaller things irk us.  Like uncontrolled attack dogs taking their owners out for walks or babies being carried on bicycles.  Accidents waiting to happen.  Yet we understand that nothing's perfect and Society is a good example of this in practice.