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Your language is your prime programing of yourselves and of others.  Neuro-linguistic programing happens.  The first person you're talking to is yourselves.  In everything you say 'to' anyone.  Be very aware of this viewpoint.

Be aware of every word that you're going to say.  This is a very, very difficult thing to achieve and can take years of therapy and retreat to master.

You'll be able to sense that Attack energy has a desired path for you.  It tries to ease you into saying words that you don't choose.  Like swear words and slang (which is OK in moderation).

Beware of faux-religious words and phrases.  Such as "Oh my god" or just using the words "God" or "Jesus".  These are invoking of an extremely large Societal belief system.  Generally "God" is used in reference to ethereal energies whilst "Jesus" is used in reference to people.  A belief in energetic powers outside of yourselves is natural and valid.  A belief in organized religious dogma such as Catholicism, Judaism, Islam or Wicca is contrary to Terra Sanctuarian teachings.

Try your best to beware, and be aware, of your swearing.  Saying "fuck", a derivative from monarchial times when things were persuaded "for the king" or "for king" / "fucking".  There are heaps of other swear words one could avoid.  You might want to keep less harsh adjectives for occasional, personal use, such as "blooming", "funk" or "darn".

Beware of your BDSM communication, even when talking to yourselves.  Like calling an annoying person an idiot.  This is a form of weak binding of you to them (it's invoking your energies to curse them) this negative person in your life, ideally very temporarily and therefore best without these bonds.

Don't curse.  Calling someone a "silly old cow" is cursing them into morphing into another animal.  Women aren't "girls" anymore.  The pædofication of programing that they still are is to disempower and subjugate them.

It's one view that there aren't any questions.  For example "have you seen my glasses?" is a statement requesting the response "I have seen your glasses."  "What do you think?" is addressing 'what' or pack and requesting that they 'do' thinking.  "Need your teeth whitening?" is a command for you to need your teeth whitening as in an advert to convince you that you have a need (that you probably don't have) which they can fulfil for a price.

Questions can be very invasive.  The intrusions of being questioned can appear very sexual with their constant probing.  Probing of your mind; your views, your history, your plans, etc..  It's demanding return communication which is demanding that they be accepted into a group with you.

It's one view that there isn't any humor.  For example "my wife is so fat when she moves you can't see her legs move.  It looks like she's gliding across the floor.  Ha ha ha."  This can be seen as a man outing his wife's weight problem in public.  Taking the assumption that he's over exaggerating it's also that he's lying to her detriment.  Laughing, very much group language, can seem aggressively pompous and be used as a hit; to be laughed at.

It's possible to find humor in the smallest things like a news story about someone named Mohammed Yosef or, for short, Mo Joe (Mojo).

Truth and Honesty
Don't say things you don't mean!  Sometimes, very occasionally, a small White lie is necessary.  Yet in general being honest with energy is by far the best relationship.

Say what you mean and don't use sarcasm.

If it was said, "he swore he had nothing to do with the graffiti."  Did he actually swear an oath or was he simply adamant?  Probably there was simple over liberalism with the truthFacts are facts and it's too easy to fall into the bad habit of using terms of speech that are actually false.

Consider language not in terms of the written characters but in terms of the phonemes of the words.  Phonemes are the parts of speech.  You can find them in the dictionary looking like strange characters.  Phonemes like "uh" in turn, "e" in eagle, "mmm" in mom and "ahh" in article.  Be aware of multiple meanings for the same word and word sound, like "butt".  For example the phrase "I will touch the sky" is heard similar to "I will touch this guy".

Place Names
There's a Societally racist renaming of foreign countries (states as the UN calls them) and cities.  They have names.  All of Society racistly renames them for no other reason than faux ignorance.  For instance Paris, France is pronounced 'paree' and France is pronounced 'fraunce'.

If something isn't your fault then don't apologize for it.  This would create the false impression that you were to blame and attacking energy would hit you for it (it uses any excuse).

Yes & No
(+ This & That)
See the page Yes & No.

Use the word "the" in reference to the thing in play in the sentence.  Avoid using it if the subject isn't in play.  It sounds similar to "vuh" for "V" or "vs." (versus).

With the question "What's the time?" the thing is play is the time.  Asking the time is in itself a high energy event.  Timeliness often being of high importance.  Asking for a positive result from external Society can be risky.  Using the word "what" is playing group with external.

What & W-Words
"What" is used to reference your pack or group.  "W" words, when, why, why not, which and where, are attacked.  Your "why", Societally a very masculine concept, is within, you have your own reasons.  "W" looks like two "V"s and in fact the French call it 'double V'.  In contrast "how", an "H" word, strong and solid, with a warning, needy "ow" sound, is asking your reality energies over your group energies.

Never use the phrase "you people" as it alienates your subject plus their group/s.

Different Groups
Using the phrase "same to you" instead of the standard "you too" to statements like "have a nice day!" reinforces that although you've been in communication you're actually from different groups.  You're not promoting them to your #2 in command!