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Dependency is a great weakness.

The principle of independence is of ultra importance.  You mustn't accept aid (within reason).  To grow and maintain your own strengths you must learn to do things yourselves.  It's said that it's a strength to know when to ask for help yet what is it really that is impossible to do yourselves?  Complex manufacturing.  Not much.  Don't accept gifts.  Don't accept loans.  Don't give up ownership of your achievements.  Energy wants to be part of your experience.  Society wants to be part of your experience.  It's a parasitic vibe.  A desperate attempt to suck energy from your attention.  We accept help from Society in manufacturing our tools, occasionally in long distance travel, for data, some lessons, rarely for medical treatment and limitedly for their art like storiesNot much else is required.  And as we grow more powerful, with more facultas, we need less and less their help in these areas.

People let Society do everything for them.  They let it make the music so they don't get the urge to.  They let it educate them then forget to keep learning after school stops.  They outsource cooking to it and are relegated to eat factory food because of this.  They never mature, never grow as they could, as a super ape in the Digital Age.  They lose track of their naturally musical nature, their taste for food with a unique flavor, with a natural freshness, they let slip their joie de vivre.

Of course we'd probably have survived at least a couple of decades had we been born pre-civilization but we wouldn't have had the fun tools of Society.  No DPMs, digital processing machines, computers.  Basically no intercontinental travel.  No medications, ointments, Band-Aids.  They've provided yet we're still separate.  They have good points but their bad quash the desire to be a party with them.  We can have a post-Society experience that's new and improved.  With almost all the perks and free of the negatives.