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Seeing people, city folk, choosing to live in apartment blocks, floor after floor blocked in amongst others in a building like others.  It's depressing.  It's an epitomal sadness of Society.  Blocked in like eggs in a stack of egg crates, like battery chickens in such an unnatural environment.  We have the space on our planet Earth to be naturally spaced out.  The space to have no-one, not a soul, above nor below, to the left nor to the right.  The space (distantia) to be separate, let alone, like any other animal.

Be careful of loft rooms and basements as they can gather negative energy.  Don't be the loser of the group.  Don't be in the smallest apartment with every other one larger or else energy (Attack) will hit you for it.

"Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?"

The newer the property the less Attacked it's going to be.  Plus there's a higher chance of it being a better build with less noise coming through the walls (energetically there's been less for the walls to talk about if as they say the walls could talk), double glazing, etc..  The biggest threat to your peace and internus is the Attack of noise invading.  Getting a top floor apartment gives zero chance of hearing people walking on your ceiling.  The further from a busy street and into a residential area the quieter it's going to be.