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Let your hair grow naturally.  Wherever it might, on your head, your face, your arms, legs, armpits and pubic region.

A shaven faced man looks like a boy.  This is another Societal method of disempowering the individual.  This is only one example of the common Societal vibe of pædofication; making the individual the 'child' and Society the 'parent' / 'adult'.

Another example of pædofication is the modern cultural practice of shaving female pubic hair.

Don't bleach your hair.  You know you're beautiful.  You don't have to conform to an external image of beauty.

Most people are attracted to people with similar attributes; black hair to black hair, blue eyes to blue eyes.  Seeing someone in external who looks like you helps remove barriers to intimacy.  You can see more of yourselves in them.