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Everybody has the right to follow any religion.

They must have the freedom to do any religious practice they choose, so long as it doesn't harm others.  They have the freedom to believe any religious doctrine.  The freedom to start their own religion if they so choose.

This is a freedom of thought, of belief.

The Jewish religion en masse and other religions and cultures practice genital mutilation of children who obviously can't consent.  This is a crime against the person, whether they ever realize it or not.

The West can teach Islam, by example, how to modernize.  As the West being a Christian society distanced itself from Old Testament teachings likewise Islam can distance itself from it's extremist teachings.  For example the 'an eye for an eye' rule is ignored in all countries without the death penalty.  No Western country has the death penalty for adultery despite the punishment for adultery being death (Leviticus 20:10) biblical rule.  The December 28, 2014 speech from President al-Sisi of Egypt is evidence that Islam is starting to become aware of the necessity to modernize.