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Four words; have faith in life.

Here I’ve bared quite a bit of my soul together with almost all the esoteric wisdom that I’ve accrued over my time in reality. So it’s implicitly forever a work in progress. All it’s here for is to help but that’s not a simple task. So either it can help you on your path right now or it can’t. Here’s hoping it can in some way or another.

This book is about the biggest gift I could ever muster. Pleasantly surprisingly it’s mainly already written. So I can go off now, debt repaid, with thanks. A clean slate. If anyone else wants to come with then our conditional invitation stands (see Appendix VI: Residential Retreat).

My hope is that one day, someone, maybe you, will vibe with this book. It’ll resonate enough universal truth to reach you. If that can happen once then it can happen again. You can spread the word through like-minded individuals. Each one of you with the power to change your world, the world, for the betterment of all.

This book has been immensely pleasurable to write. Like anything truly good it was a piece of nature hanging around in the atmosphere just waiting to bloom. It was my fingers that typed it but it’s always existed.


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