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OK, so how do I start?
When can I achieve enlightenment?
Do I need to follow all your advice?
What qualifications do you have?
Are the truths you talks about universal? Do they apply to everyone?
How can I lose weight?
I'm depressed.  Help!
Should I go to the nightclub with my friends?
Don't you miss music?
Should I take a hit of X (MDMA) with my BFF?
How can I quit smoking?
How can I quit opiate painkillers like Tramadol?

Q. What qualifications do you have?
A. A four decade life of retreatist meditation.  For more info read my biography.

Q. Should I go to the nightclub with my friends?
A. If you go, don't do casual sex and don't do chemical drugs.  Mixing with Society at night is the most dangerous time and nightclubs serve alcohol which brings out violence in people.  Having said that, music is fun (though quite a group thang) and dancing is excellent exercise.

Q. Should I take a hit of X (MDMA) with my BFF?
A. No.  Chemical drugs are unnatural and unhealthy.  You don't need X to feel good, you need a decent lifestyle.  You don't need X to feel empathy.  If you need X to dance, if you're too tired to dance without it, then you shouldn't be dancing.

Q. How can I quit smoking?
A. You want to quit so you've already won!  Keep your decision in mind.  Become master of your life, of your body.  You might be weak willed now but that can change for the better.

It sounds petty now but it will get easier with time.

If you fail try, try and try again.  If you can't quit then at least move over to e-cigs.

Rather than sitting in your apartment waiting to smoke, go out for a walk and get some healthy exercise and fresh air.

Q. When can I achieve enlightenment?
A. Enlightenment isn't a binary state.  It's a road to be gradually traveled down.  Progressing down this path more every day, even this very day.  Read some, meditate on it and see how you feel afterwards.

Q. OK, so how do I start?
A. Set aside 15-mins today.  Lie down in a quiet, comfortable space.  Maybe on your bed, your bedroom floor or your lounge floor.  Somewhere carpeted, get a yoga mat or use your bed.

Take the phone off the hook first if you dare.

Close your eyes.  Be at one with yourselves.  Feel your breathing through your nostrils.  In and out, nice and deep and slow.

Have a go at stopping your mind, your thoughts.  Every time a thought interrupts your focus on your body and then you notice yourselves thinking again, stop it.  Bring your concentration back to your body and breathing.

Do this for a while.  5-mins or maybe 10-mins or if you're getting into it and relaxing then 15-mins.

To stop slowly bring your focus back to external reality and open your eyes.  Get up slowly and go about your day / night.  This should have brought you some thankful peace.  So it's a good thing.  So do it again tomorrow.  Easy, huh?!

Q. How can I lose weight?
A. OK.  Your plan has two simple parts.

Part 1 is to eat less.  You're going to gradually reduce the amount you eat.  Eat less of every meal.  Especially cutting back on fatty foods like chocolate, cheese and fried foods as well as using less oil in your cooking.  Reduce the carbs in your diet like rice and potatoes and instead eat more vegetables like in salads and soups.

Part 2 is starting to exercise.  You're going to gradually build up the amount you exercise.  You're going to start walking off your excess fat every day.  For instance a walk to the grocery store to buy fresh vegetables or to the park.  Measure the amount you exercise using a GPS phone.

It's that simple.  Weigh yourselves on scales every three days.  Your weight naturally fluctuates some so don't worry if your weight loss isn't seen each time.  Though you'd want to see 0.1kg loss every three days.  That equals a kilo of excess weight shed every month.  If you can double that to 0.2kg every time that equals 2kg shed per month.  Don't rush.  The important thing is to continue over a few months to really see some results.

Q. I'm depressed.  Help!
A. Depression is usually caused by your situation.  A complex bunch of some of a million+ factors.  You could see a bleak vocational future, you could want, want a car, a computer, a GF / BF / life partner, a vacation, new teeth, new shoes, less traffic noise at home, less demanding parents, more giving friends, better health, the list is endless.

Firstly, time heals all.  It mends broken bones and broken hearts (figuratively).  But to resolve your situation takes action.  If you don't like your life now then you really need to change your situation.  You must start to gradually take action.

There are natural ways to fight depression.  Put natural pleasures into your life.  The easiest and one of the most fun is exercise.  Simply going out for an hour's walk everyday.  This gives you pleasing endorphins in your brain, it keeps you trim weight wise, it keeps you fit, builds some muscles and it gets you some fresh (often city smoggy) air and freedom of space (not 'trapped' in your smaller home).  A healthy body helps a healthy mind.  Also eating a better diet is easy and invaluable to your health and so your state of mind.  You are what you eat and who wants to be lab created sweetners, colors or fertilizers?!

Make a list of your issues with your situation in life.  For each one note how you could improve on it.  For example if you're unhappy with how your friends see you try taking more time for yourselves so you can be more true to who you really are and importantly who you want to be.  If your home is too noisy for you start to look for another place online at the weekends while saving for your move.  Maybe you want to shed a few pounds.

Every week check back on your list and see how you've been actively working on improving your situation.  Feel the pleasure of having achieved some progress however small.  Everything changes gradually.  Ain't nutin' to it but to do it.  Keep it up and soon your small improvements will have come together and made large progress to your situation.

Q. How can I quit opiate painkillers like Tramadol?
A. Get a few grams of high quality, skunk cannabis and a pipe, bong or vape.  Set an alarm for every 30-mins for instance on your phone.

Flush all your remaining pills.

Wake on every alarm and do a strong hit of cannabis.  Keep it up.  Keep your focus on your cannabis regime and away from your opiate addiction.  Beware of energetic attack that desperately craves opiates even when you're past the physical withdrawal stage.  Keep up the cannabis hits to give yourselves a manageable high.

Gradually reduce the frequency of your hits and return to a more normal life regime.

Note how grabby the opium poppy's energy is, how it bonds itself to you and can control / induce your physical body to vomit for instance.  Remember that this is why you should avoid it in the future.

Q. Do I need to follow all your advice?
A. No, of course not.  Our words of wisdom are simply recommendations.  You need to progress down your own path at your own pace.   But beware of moving too slowly and becoming swamped in 'normality' and moving too quickly an shocking your energies.  Try out bits of advice and see how they feel to you at the time.  We do strongly recommend exercise however you can incorporate it into your life.  We suggest you do solo or gym type exercise rather than competitive sports to avoid extra Attack.

Q. Are the truths you talk about universal?  Do they apply to everyone?
A. They are universal truths.  All lifeforms on all planets experience them.

Q. Don't you miss music?
A. Music was one of the last multimedia religion parts that I distanced myself from.  I was always a music fan and still am.  Yet a fan of my own music.  With lyrics truly relevant to my life.  And soundscapes of my own creation to revel in.  It's beautiful to me in a way even the best of Society's musicians couldn't ever reach.  Wouldn't you rather live in a room whose colors you chose?