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Exercise is good.  Muscle tone is good.  Use your muscles every chance you have, that's what they're there for.  This'll make you stronger.  Then everyday moving around and carrying things will become easier, more natural and healthier.

Use your arm muscles when carrying bags don't just keep your arms straight.  If you carry your groceries for a little exercise estimate how much you're carrying.  Watery liquids weigh 1kg per liter and a can of beans, soup or similar around ½kg each.  Balance the weight between your hands.

The key to starting to exercise is walkingThe key to starting to exercise is walking (in case you missed it).  You control the pace, it's safe to do at some level for almost everyone, it's a good buzz (from the endorphins generated), it's free to do, no special equipment is required (though sneakers and sweatsocks help heaps) and you can stop or rest when you want.  Find a store to walk to or a park or a beach to walk around.  Say you walk at 4½kmph, put in an hour's walk and you've done 4½km.  If your toes blister in your sneakers then wrap tape, micropore works well, around them before setting off.  If your skin chafes on your inner thighs again tape it and continue to walk to health.

Be aware of your breathing.  Breathe in through your nose.  For walking try, without using too much force, breathing in for four steps then out for four steps.  In, Left, In, Left, Out, Left, Out, Left.  For jogging try breathing in for two steps then out for two.

Use a GPS app (like Google MyTracks (Ext)) with a GPS phone and you can easily measure the amount of exercise that you do.

Sit-ups and press-ups are also excellent muscle building exercises that are easy to do at home each morning.  If you can't manage press-ups try being stiff to your knees rather than your feet.  When doing sit-ups don't pull on your neck instead place your hands by your ears.

Stretching is excellent for your body.  Especially stretch after you exercise when your muscles are warmed up.  It's difficult to explain advanced stretching in detail without pictures.  We strongly recommend getting a beginners book on yoga.

Muscles grow by the muscle fibers breaking and regrowing larger.  This is the kind-of bruised feeling you get after exercising a lot.  You need to give yourselves recovery time for this to happen.  Take a day off after every large exercise day.

If you come home sweaty, change your clothing and shower off.

Get to an effort level that you are comfortable with then simply put in the time.  If you can follow this simple formula you'll get exercising healthily in no time at all and it won't be long before you can feel yourselves getting fitter.