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Education is a good thing.

Knowledge and skills empower the individual.

You don't need to be a competitive nerd.  Learning is for knowledge and skills.  For the power of the tools that they are.  Not for the count of the tools in the toolbox.  You don't need to lord it over others.  For sure yours isn't the largest in the world.

Learn at home on your own using books, videos and the web if you can trust the source, the teacher.

Children should be schooled at home.  This gives them the distance from Society needed to protect them.  We don't need Society around us.  Your kids are highly intelligent high achievers.  You wouldn't want them in the same class, the same group, as low achievers.  External schooling takes children away from their families.  It forces them into alien environments with, especially in megopolic public schools, some very unsavory characters normally unvetted by anyone at all and with no recourse to separate themselves from these undesirables.  Bullying is a huge problem.  It entrusts their education to syllabi arranged by strangers, filtered by strangers and taught by strangers.  It removes all your parental control over the content taught to your children.

We're tortured between the benefits of getting an education and, through compulsory education, having to be a prisoner that attends school.  Education should be voluntary not compulsory.

There should be no admission requirements for university.  Desiring to study should be enough to enable one's access.

As TV's Buffy (Ext) says "it's not just for scary religious types any more."

"Each one, teach one," sang Jacob Miller (Ext).  Everybody has something to teach and can find, especially with today's blogs, someone to teach it to.  Even if solely leading by example.