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Communication is energy transceived through filters.  The prime filter is your belief system.  Therefore it is of prime importance in all experience (of reality).  Group membership is also an extremely important filter.

Decrease the amount you communicate with Society.  It's fairly intimate, can be very aggressive and is very much a group activity.

Reduce the amount you chat with your friends, family and co-workers – in-person F2F, on the phone and on the web.  This will help you distance yourselves from uncontrolled reality and help you achieve the peace and tranquility where you can see yourselves far more clearly.  This can help you see yourselves away from how others see you, with their own natural biases, and have seen you, helping you free yourselves from any negative history.

Test yourselves to find out more about yourselves.  Try reducing the amount you communicate.  This is probably best to do when you're alone.  Try staying silent for a day or even two.