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Free yourselves from restraining clothing.

Abandon your dangerous (as an available leash), restrictive, subjugate-collar neck ties.

Following the concept of Innoculus, dress not to be noticed.  Wear clean, mass-produced clothing which is non-offensive and common for your environment.

Wearing gloves masks your marital status, giving you distance from this social status, whilst keeping your hands clean and protected.

Red is a very harsh, provocative color to wear, day-glo neons are demanding of attention and obviously camo implies that you are a killer in the military.

Chances are that if you're reading this you don't need this advice; don't wear high heels.  They're awkward and not safe to walk in.  You can be secure in your own height and not need to pretend to be taller.  Also tight skirts are far too restrictive.

At home almost no clothing at all is required.  In an environment of good heat like 24°C (75°F) only underwear is needed.