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Society cons you into working for it.

Why would you need to work?  To afford...  To afford what?  Land is free, or at least it should be; there's enough to go around.  So there's no rent nor mortgage to pay.  Building your own home takes only one trip around the sun and minimal supplies, mainly wood, which grows so it's theoretically free.  Food grows freely on your land so there's only minimal food to buy.  So what's left on your shopping list?  Advanced technology, sure.  You can buy a computer with a week's salary so why work the other 51 (or 48, etc.)?

The hands on their clocks go around and around.  60 seconds, 60 minutes, 12 hours, x2, 7 days, 52 weeks, 60-70-80 years...

Enjoy your life, don't waste it!

"It's a disgrace to see the human race in the Rat Race," Bob Marley (Ext).

You may find it interesting to note that there's no chemical test for schizophrenia and it's incurable.  Anyone could almost so easily walk into a doctor's office say a few descriptive words and walk away with a diagnosis which could entitle them to lifetime sickness &/ disability payments from their 1st World government.  Remember if it wasn't for Society you'd be able to have your own land with it's own home.  So if they're offering to compensate you for their Attack hits you could benefit from letting them.  Of course it's better not to have it on record that you're an underclass and better not to be dependent.  Just saying.