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Cannabis has psychedelic properties and as such can provide premature enlightenment which can help light your path to actual gradual enlightenment.  It can be immensely useful as an introspective tool and ever so soft, comforting and sexually stimulating.

Sometimes too much awareness of synchronicity, or sudden premature enlightenment, can induce people to 'freak out'.  This is why the path to enlightenment is gradual.  So as for us to naturally accept the change one bit at a time.

Too much premature enlightenment can shock one with a blasting view of the shadowy aspects of life, appearing to engulf one whole then starting to chew…

Too much immersion with psychedelics and the inane mundanity of everyday, far less enlightened life can torture one.  It's like being given an infinite credit card then it gets taken away the next day, just as you were getting used to using it.

Be warned that cannabis severely zaps your energy.  It stays in your system for days making you sluggish and muting your will power.

Cannabis is a very easy to grow plant that is illegal in the USA and most countries around the world.  The female cannabis plant is the gender which grows the desired sticky flower buds which make you high.  These days guaranteed female seeds are sold and also auto-flowering seeds (Ext) which bloom in a few months regardless of the time of year.

At the time of writing the recreational use of cannabis is legal in the states of Alaska, Washington and Oregon and the country of The Netherlands (Holland) (and others) where one can buy up to five grams per day and grow two plants at a time (say 100g yield per plant growing for 4-5 months giving your home over a gram a day for a very low price).