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Read his autobiography at the end of this book for more about the author.

Monxy, the Terra Sanctuarian Spiritual Leader, has lead a four decade life of retreatist meditation.  He has studied the ancient Chinese Daoist Book of Changes or Yi Jing (I Ching) for decades.  He has survived decades of megopolic life and escaped into the countryside.

He's been on dedicated meditational retreat for the past couple of decades and now he's reaching out to others to turn them on to their inner godselves.

Brought up as any latter 20th century kid, with the TV on for hours daily and microwave TV dinners.  Computer games since the mid-'80s.  He ate the occasional Big Mac and worked in an office.  He found enough sense in the early-'00s to altogether stop eating fast food.

He's like really far-out and he finds it funny sometimes comparing hisselves with an average citizen and seeing how much he's changed.  Check this out…  He first stopped watching TV in '92 when his life stopped being about watching and started being about doing.  Almost the last pop song he heard was Lady Gaga's suckle on me like a cigarette song in '09 and before that none for six years.  No new music and almost no new movies also since '03.  He hasn't cut any of his hair since '08.  For many years he didn't follow the news at all, now choosing to for security purposes because it's good to know.  He stopped working for others and started working for hisselves in '96.

Experienced from half a decade of psychotherapy he has seen his own programing.  He's visited deserts, mountains, forests and jungles over four continents and experienced 18 countries / states (and passed through another 8).  He's fit but he's been fat, he's been high (living in a New York penthouse and on a European mountain), he's been low (living below sea-level on a man-made island and on a couple of tropical islands), he lives in a temperate West and has been East (but not yet South), he lives healthily but he's been an addict, he's been wealthy (chartering a helicopter night flight around the Statue of Liberty) and he's been poor (walking for three hours on a week-empty stomach to a soup kitchen), he's a Free Man now but he's been a slave and a prisoner (for 3% of his life).  He's socialized with millionaires and been forced to mix with murderers, gangsters, thugs, burglars, thieves and other assorted criminals (often hard drug addicts).  Been approached by a couple of deadly snakes before they were beaten to death by locals, uncovered scorpions, sucked by ticks and leeches, ridden a camel and an elephant (both as a kid when far less aware).  Found and lost some jobs.  Found and lost a few lovers.  This is as may have happened when one achieves such a wise age =).  He’s proud to be a rebel, almost grown out of being a foolhardy idealist and ever a steadfast libertarian.  A duty he’s always felt is to provoke people into thinking freely.  He’s said ‘no’ to Society and meant it, living a separatist life.  He’s run his small business for two decades and it funds his retreatist life.

Changing the world one mind at a time.  With the enduring principle about figuratively teaching fishing (to those who can then teach others to fish) he may one day feel that he's achieved good within Society in a way quintessentially unavailable via his biz.